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Growing up in a small town located in Baden, Ontario I developed a passion for BBQ and Smoking different cuts of meat. I have always tried new methods and techniques to get the best results out of anything I would cook. I always knew the Rest process was very important. A towel, butcher paper, tin foil, and a cooler were the most repeated method that everyone used in the bbq and smoking community that I was brought up with.

To me using a towel just never set right with me, unless you are tossing it out right after(which was never the case).The fact that when you go to grab a beer out of your cooler after a long hot day and everything smells of the brisket you did five days ago. Sounds Familiar? Well.. The Meat Swadl is your solution. Dedicated to resting your meat and hard to get confused with a towel you would wash your body with. It has been created to simplify the whole process by eliminating a towel and cooler to only provide better results then before.

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